What Should I Study to Become a Fashion Designer?

15Fashion Designing is an interesting and creative career option where you can show your eye for detail. Plus it is glamorous too. But will just love for designing clothes help you in becoming a good fashion designer? Fashion designing industry has become highly competitive today.

This has made it important for the ones pursuing a career in this industry to work harder. If you are planning to get into this stylish industry, here is what you should know.

Educational requirements for becoming a fashion designer

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Is Fashion Design For You?

14I want to be a fashion designer. How do I get started? What should I know and how will I find out? Should I go to school or try to get a job? Do I want to start my own company? So many questions in my head, where do I start and where will I end up? Sound like you? I remember the feeling exactly like that myself!

I’ve learned a lot about the industry since I began and I’m still finding out there is always more to know. I’ve worked for giant manufacturers and I’ve made one of a kind pieces for private clientele. I’ve had my own label and my own store. I’ve sold other peoples clothes. I’ve been unemployed and I’ve had great jobs that I’ve left for even better ones. I’ve realized that it’s an industry where art is joined and, in fact, led by commerce. Some people have made it in a very short time with no training and others have graduated from university with degrees before climbing their career ladders. I started in fine arts, then fashion design and am now the chairperson and teacher at a fashion design program.

Where are your answers? After witnessing both success and failure, I believe that most importantly you must first discover if a career in fashion is really what you want to do! Start by getting involved in this industry. Your local mall probably has someone on staff that’s involved in fashion show production and fashion promotion. Make an appointment and let them know what you’re interested in and volunteer to help on the next project. This is a great introduction to the glitz and glamour side of the business, however, you will still need to get a broader picture.

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How to Become a Fashion Designer

14While talk of fashion designers may have you thinking of famous names like Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs, you don’t have to be a celebrity to work in the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 22,000 people worked as fashion designers in 2013, and while the profession is expected to see a slight decline in jobs from 2012-2022, there still may be plenty of career opportunities for those with the right combination of education, skill and natural talent.

One in four fashion designers is self-employed, according to government data. They may work on their own to create clothes, shoes and accessories and then market them independently or sell their designs to apparel firms. Another 28 percent are employed as in-house designers for apparel wholesalers and 17 percent work for apparel manufacturers. In 2014, fashion designers earned average annual incomes of $73,690.

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

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Top 24 Private Fashion Merchandising Schools and Colleges

131. Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Baylor University was chartered in 1845. It is home to more than 16,000 students enrolled in more than 250 degree programs through nine colleges and schools. The Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences houses the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences. The Department offers six different majors including one for aspiring fashion merchandisers—the BS in Apparel Merchandising.

The BS program features access to the Parker Design & Technology Center which “provides students with the latest state-of-the-art software, equipment, and technology,” summer study tours, and internship opportunities at home and overseas. Students have interned at Betsey Johnson – NY, Anna Sui – NY, Quick Silver – Los Angeles, XOXO and Rampage – Los Angeles, and Haggar – Dallas. Internships abroad have included Ann-Louise Roswald – London, UK, Amanda Wakeley – London, UK, Christopher & La Lou – Paris, France, and others.

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Indonesian Fashion Designers Turn Eyes to the Wider World

12Indonesian fashion designers
paired clean, urban styles with traditional batiks and designs
inspired by ancient temples at the sixth annual Jakarta Fashion

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