Italian Fashion Designer

23Gianni Versace, (born December 2, 1946, Reggio Calabria, Italy—died July 15, 1997, Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.) Italian fashion designer known for his daring fashions and glamorous lifestyle.

His mother was a dressmaker, and Gianni was raised watching her work on designs in her boutique. After graduating from high school, Versace worked for a short time at his mother’s shop before moving in 1972 to Milan, where he worked for several Italian ateliers, including Genny, Complice, Mario Valentino, and Callaghan. Backed by the Girombellis, an Italian fashion family, Versace established his own company, Gianni Versace SpA, in 1978 and staged his first ready-to-wear show under his own name that same year. His brother, Santo, served as CEO, and his sister, Donatella, was a designer and vice president.

Versace designed throughout the 1980s and ’90s and built a fashion empire by producing ensembles that oozed sensuality and sexuality. His most famous designs included sophisticated bondage gear, polyvinyl chloride baby-doll dresses, and silver-mesh togas. Versace’s detractors considered his flashy designs vulgar. Unfazed by such criticism, Versace staged his seasonal fashion shows like rock concerts at his lavish design headquarters in Milan, with groupies and paparazzi awaiting the arrival of both his celebrity friends, such as Elton John and Madonna, and his loyal models, such as Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell, who were paid such high salaries that the press dubbed them “supermodels.” Versace was credited with turning the fashion world into the high-powered, celebrity-besotted industry it remains to the present day.

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6 Top Tips For Getting Into Fashion Design

22Christine Mhando is a London-based designer and stylist who set up her own fashion label, Chichia in 2007.  Born in Tanzania and raised in London, Christine’s designs blend the influences of both continents and cultures, with the label’s signature ‘khanga’ prints and edgy, modern silhouettes.

Christine’s designs have been featured in Vogue Italia and Marie Claire, and were recently seen on Beyonce on her Mrs Carter world tour.  She shares her top tips for getting a career started in fashion design.

6 Top Tips for getting into Fashion Design

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10 Fashion Designers Give Their Rules for Success

21When the experts talk, you listen. Everyone has to take their own path to success, but it never hurts to hear from those who have achieved similar goals to what you’re setting out for. If you’re an aspiring fashion designer or want to break into the fashion industry, then this is a must-read. From streetwear giants to high-fashion gawds, we got the knowledge from some of the best designers out there. Read on for How to Make It: 10 Fashion Designers Give Their Rules for Success.

“Don’t be afraid to draw upon your own life experiences. Do it in a way that it can become open to other points of reference, but for me one of the quickest ways to find something universal is to start with something very personal; especially with clothes. Finding a way to balance the fascination for the new or modern or unexpected with something a bit more intimate and relatable can be very powerful.”

Make Sure You Have a Good Team

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The Three Fashion Designers to Know This Fall

20For the first time in his nearly 20-year career, Italian designer Lorenzo Serafini’s name became known to the world at large. Last February he unveiled his first women’s collection for Alberta Ferretti’s Philosophy label, now re-christened Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. “I’ve been shy all my life,” said Mr. Serafini. “To have my name on a label was a very strong statement, but I had to push myself.”

While the spotlight can be a scary place, the designer needn’t have worried. His ultrafeminine, ruffled blouses, lace dresses and sweet-but-smart ’70s-inspired prints have already been embraced with open arms by fashionable women.

Mr. Serafini, 42, described himself as an “incurable romantic.” A perennial reference is Brooke Shields in the 1981 teen romance “Endless Love,” in which the fresh-faced, young actress wore Victorian-style dresses and floral crowns. “It’s a bit cheesy,” admitted Mr. Serafini, “but back then it was ‘Wow!’”

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Dress Up Lives as a Fashion Designer

19What i a Fashion Designer?

Designing clothing to bring to market is a more complicated process than some realize and it is not the sole responsibility of the fashion designer to see the process through from start to finish. Fashion designers apply design and art principals to clothing and apparel or accessories in ways that are supposed to make the clothing be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. They usually start by researching consumer tastes and trends in the fashion market and then come up with an initial concept for the design. They then either sketch that concept or they use a mannequin and place the fabric over the mannequin to get an initial sense of what the design will look like and whether it will work well as a finished product.

Fashion designers usually don’t work alone because the process of designing a concept, physically putting the pattern on the article of clothing, and then putting together a finished product and bringing it together is too much responsibility for one person. This is why fashion designers usually work in teams with professional pattern-makers, professional sample-makers, and merchandisers to ensure that the design will look good as clothing but that it will also sell well once it makes it to market. Most assume that fashion designers have any easy job and that fashion design education is all about learning design techniques and studying consumer behavior, but the industry is much more complicated than that and to be a successful fashion designer, you will need a well-rounded education and knowledge of things like science, art history, math, and even business management if you are an independent fashion designer who doesn’t work for a mass apparel company.

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